Saturday, December 24, 2011

Working on Christmas Eve...

I spent 2 hours at Office Depot today having labels and business cards printed. It really wasn't so bad... Tammy, behind the counter, is a joy to do business with. She was so upbeat and kept smiling through slow computers, slow printers, with no help and customers stacking up. I met a lady that works for the school board... she says she's thankful every day she still has a job. We shared our dreams... mine of course, The Bohemian Tea House and hers... a center for middle school kids to learn life skills after school and keep them off the streets unsupervised. Such a gracious woman... I hope her dream comes to fruition. As she left, we hugged and wished each other a Merry Christmas and she invited me to her church. I might just take her up on that. Then I met a lady that is a real estate agent. She commented on my labels and I told her about my new venture. She invited me to join her networking group... I will definitely take her up on that!

Sometimes gifts aren't so obvious... They don't come wrapped in pretty paper... but instead come in the form of strangers offering, smiles, kind words and opportunities for sharing and growth.

Merry Christmas... Happy Hanukka... or whatever it is that you may celebrate this time of year... but for us all... Peace on Earth!


  1. You are so right about things happening that are gifts without the fancy wrapping. It is wise of you to recognize them as gifts or intended actions, instead of passing them off as coincidence. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Well said my dear! And a very Merry Christmas to you as well! That is what Christmas is all about, spirit and peace!