Friday, December 2, 2011

Progress of the Dream...

Yesterday I obtained my county occupational license. I also inquired about municipality license requirements for the farmers markets I plan to sell my teas at. I've requested packaging samples as well. So hopefully... by the time I get my food manager certificate I'll have some trial blends to package and some packaging nailed down. I want my packaging to, not only be green but to, be creative as well. I want someone to look at my packaging and want to look inside!

On another note... I want this website to be informative... and not just about teas. So I'll be posting links on my sidebars, as well as in my posts, that will give you information about sustainability, environmental stewardship, healthy foods and social justice. I'm going to start with this one: Food Dialogues. It's all about communication between ranchers and farmers and the consumer. Check it out!

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