Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wine Fest Rained Out...

I sold one bag of tea before we had to cover up for the rain... Then had to pack up between waves of wind and rain... Oh well... Next time!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Upcoming Event!

I will be at the WIne Fest at Florida Estates Winery in Land O Lakes, Florida with my teas and teawares on Saturday, March 31, 2012!

Come out and spend the day under the oaks drinking wine, listening to live music and shopping the vendors!

If you're in the area I'd love to see you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The First Blends...

So, I've been experimenting with blends and have six that I like and am planning on marketing... at least for now... I wish you could taste them through the web... but you'll just have to settle for pictures...

Summer Green is a blend of China Green Tea, Lemon Grass and several additives including orange peel, rosehips, rose petals and Stevia powder. It brews up with a nice golden color and makes wonderful iced tea!

Summer Red, a blend of Rooibos, Honey Bush, Lemon Grass, rosehips, orange peel and Stevia powder. It's caffeine free, brews to a beautiful red and also tastes great over ice!
Sunset Spice, another lovely caffeiene free red, is a blend of Rooibos, Honey Bush, oragne peel, cinnamon chips, licorice root, whole and ground cloves, ground nutmeg and allspice and black pepper corns... It's great served hot on cool evenings or iced when the weather warms up!

Fragrant Morning is Se Chung Special Oolong, China Green, rose petals, ginger root and Yerba Mate. This dark brew has a floral but smokey flavor with a touch of ginger. I haven't tried this one iced, but it certainly won't be your grandmother's iced tea!

Rose Garden Black is blend of China Black and Darjeeling teas combined with rose petals, rosehips, and vanilla. It brews up dark and lovely and makes a very fragrant iced tea, as well!

Chillaxation Tea is a blend of all things relaxing... Peppermint and Spearment teas, German Chamomile, Valerian root and Scull Cap... Its green color and cooling mint flavor refreshes on a hot summer night and helps relax you for a good night's sleep!

Now that they've been blended and the flavors  have been allowed to mingle, I'll be packaging them, most likely in 2 oz packages. I'll let you know when and where I'll be offering them for sale! So... check back!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Long Time No Post...

I haven't posted in a few months and truthfully I hadn't done much with my teas either. I have solved the storage dilemma though. Tightly lidded glass jars, that are easily sanitized, stored in a cabinet. All my non-food supplies, such as bags and labels are stored on the bottom shelf and the teas are stored on the upper shelves. When I eventually contract with a kitchen, in order to be able to sell online, the cabinet can be easily moved there.

I have blended a few recipes... A nighttime tea, potentially called "Chillaxation," that is filled with herbs known for thier relaxation qualities, a spicy red I call "Sunset Spice" and last night I wanted a decaf blend for iced tea, so I put togehter something I call "Summer Red." I want to do a "Summer Green, " too... for iced tea. So I am making progress... even if it is slowly...