Saturday, December 3, 2011


I got my teas today! My first shipment arrived just before 5pm... I've already blended a spearmint based relaxation tea... I'm not sure how much valerian root to put in it, so I'll increase it as needed. It all arrived just in time too. My insomnia and RLS have been really bad for the past week. My husband even got up and slept on the floor last night. Hopefully, the tea will help me (and my husband) sleep!


  1. well dang keep me posted i would love some good herb teas.
    beverly w

  2. Yay! the teas have arrived.....let the party begin. I for one have the worst taste when it comes to coffees and teas, help me to become a tea snob! I am fine with Lipton and on a really special day perhaps an instant Lipton with peach!! yeeeeeeee, I am so not sophisticated.